package fmlib_parse

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Parsing Library


Introduction to Combinator Parsing


module Character : sig ... end

Character Parser: An indentation sensitive parser which parses streams of characters i.e. the token type is char.

module Token_parser : sig ... end

Token Parser: A parser which parses streams of user supplied tokens.

module Parse_with_lexer : sig ... end

A parser which works with two components: A lexer which splits up the input into a sequence of tokens and parser which parses the tokens.

module Generic : sig ... end

A Generic Parser where all parameters are customizable.

module Position : sig ... end

Represent a position in a text file.

module Located : sig ... end

A parsing construct located within a file.

module Indent : sig ... end

The allowed indentations: Helper module for indentation sensitive parsing.

module Error_reporter : sig ... end

Convenience module to generate readable error messages.

module Interfaces : sig ... end

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