package fmlib

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The allowed indentations: Helper module for indentation sensitive parsing.

type violation =
  1. | Indent of int
  2. | Align of int
  3. | Align_between of int * int
type t

Allowed indentations

val initial : t

Initially all indentations 0,1,... are allowed and no alignment is required.

val check_position : int -> t -> violation option

check_position col ind Return a violation, if pos is not an allowed indentation position. Otherwise return None.

val token : int -> t -> t

token pos ind Accept a token at column pos.

Preconditions: is_position_allowed pos ind.

val align : t -> t

align ind Set the alignment flag.

The next token sets the indentation set to {pos} where pos is the column of the token and clears the aligment flag.

val left_align : t -> t

left_align ind Set the alignment flag and the indentation set to {pos} where pos is the lower bound of the current set of indentation positions.

val start_indent : int -> t -> t

start_indent i ind Start an indented grammar construct indented by at least i relative to its parent.

If the aligmnent flag is set, indentation is ignored.

Precondition: 0 <= incr

val end_indent : int -> t -> t -> t

end_indent i ind0 ind End the current indentation which has been started by start_indent i ind0.


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