package dolmen

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Normalizing functions

Functions in this module are meant to help normalize terms, that is, for a given language, map the semantic pre-defined builtins of that language to the builtins symbols defined by Dolmen Terms.

For instance, the tptp language has a specific syntaxic construction for equality (that is, there is a reduction used to parse equality), thus equalities in tptp are parsed using the builtin equality symbol for terms. On the other hand, smtlib has no syntax rules for equality, which is seen as a regular application of the symbol name "=". Thus, equalities in smtlib files will be parsed as applications of a symbol named "=". Normalization maps that application to the builtin notion of equality defined for terms.

WARNING: this normalization process is a best effort, but cannot be complete in general. Some constructions such as tptp's "$i" (pre-existing type for terms), have no clear builtin notion in other languages. For a general and complete translation, the ast should be typechecked.

module Tptp : sig ... end
module Smtlib : sig ... end