package dns

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Secure shell fingerprint

The secure shell (SSH) applies trust on first use, and can store fingerprints as SSHFP records in DNS, which is then used as a second channel.

type algorithm =
  1. | Rsa
  2. | Dsa
  3. | Ecdsa
  4. | Ed25519
  5. | Unknown of int

    The type of supported algorithms.

val algorithm_to_int : algorithm -> int

algorithm_to_int a is the 8 bit integer representation of algorithm a.

val int_to_algorithm : int -> algorithm

int_to_algorithm i decodes i to the algorithm constructor.

val pp_algorithm : algorithm Fmt.t

pp_algorithm ppf a pretty-prints the algorithm a on ppf.

type typ =
  1. | SHA1
  2. | SHA256
  3. | Unknown of int

    The type of supported SSH fingerprint types.

val typ_to_int : typ -> int

typ_to_int t is the 8 bit integer representation of typ t.

val int_to_typ : int -> typ

int_to_typ i decodes i to the typ constructor.

val pp_typ : typ Fmt.t

pp_typ ppf t pretty-prints the typ t on ppf.

type t = {
  1. algorithm : algorithm;
  2. typ : typ;
  3. fingerprint : Cstruct.t;

The type of a SSH fingerprint record, consisting of algorithm, typ, and actual fingerprint.

val pp : t Fmt.t

pp ppf t pretty-prints the SSH fingerprint record t on ppf.

val compare : t -> t -> int

compare a b compares the SSH fingerprint record a with b by comparing the individual fields in order.


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