High-level PDF tools based on CamlPDF
Module Cpdfjson
val to_output : Pdfio.output -> parse_content:bool -> no_stream_data:bool -> decompress_streams:bool -> ?clean_strings:bool -> Pdf.t -> unit

Write a PDF in CPDFJSON format. parse_content parses page content streams, no_stream_data will omit stream data, decompress_streams decompresses all streams, clean_strings will convert any UTF16BE strings to PDFDocEncoding if it can.

val of_input : Pdfio.input -> Pdf.t

Read a CPDFJSON PDF from an input. /Length entries will be corrected automatically.

val json_of_object : ?clean_strings:bool -> Pdf.t -> ( int -> unit ) -> bool -> bool -> Pdf.pdfobject -> Cpdfyojson.Safe.t

Convert a single PDF object to CPDFJSON format. clean_strings is as above. Then the PDF file, then a function which is usually function _ -> (), then no_stream_data as above, then parse_content_streams as above, and finally the object itself.

val object_of_json : Cpdfyojson.Safe.t -> Pdf.pdfobject

Convert a single CPDFJSON object to a PDF object