package caqti

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Constructs the main module used to connect to a database for the given concurrency model.



module Pool : Caqti_pool_sig.S with type 'a future := 'a System.future

A pool implementation for the current concurrency library.

module type CONNECTION = Caqti_connection_sig.S with type 'a future := 'a System.future

The connection API specialized for the current concurrency library.

type connection = (module CONNECTION)

Shortcut for the connection API passed as a value.

val connect : Uri.t -> (connection, [> Caqti_error.load_or_connect ]) Stdlib.result System.future

connect uri locates and loads a driver which can handle uri, passes uri to the driver, which establish a connection and returns a first-class module implementing Caqti_connection_sig.S.

val connect_pool : ?max_size:int -> Uri.t -> ((connection, [> Caqti_error.connect ]) Pool.t, [> Caqti_error.load ]) Stdlib.result

connect_pool uri is a pool of database connections constructed by connect uri.


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