OCaml code generation plugin for the Cap'n Proto serialization framework
Module type
Class type
Library capnp
Module Capnp . Runtime
module BuilderInc : sig ... end
module BuilderOps : sig ... end
module Codecs = Codecs
module FarPointer : sig ... end
module FragmentBuffer : sig ... end

FragmentBuffer provides efficient management of large numbers of string fragments. Reading a large message from a pipe, for example, may lead to construction of large numbers of fragments which need to parsed and refactored into a list of message segments. Use of the FragmentBuffer helps to avoid the inefficient construction of intermediate strings.

module InnerArray : sig ... end

Module InnerArray. This is not intended for public use; you are looking for module Array.

module ListPointer : sig ... end
module ListStorageType : sig ... end
module OtherPointer : sig ... end
module Packing : sig ... end
module Pointer : sig ... end
module ReaderInc : sig ... end
module StructPointer : sig ... end
module Util : sig ... end