package camlimages

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1 JPEG markers

module Marker : sig ... end

1 Basic save/load

val load : string -> Images.load_option list -> Images.t

Loads a jpeg image.

val load_thumbnail : string -> Images.load_option list -> Geometry.spec -> int * int * Images.t

JPEG image data is composed so that thumbnails of the size 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 of the original size can be loaded faster. load_thumnail loads an JPEG image with the one of these scales and 1/1 which is nearest and equal to or bigger than the given Gemetry.spec.

val save : string -> Images.save_option list -> Images.t -> unit

Save a full-color image in jpeg format file. Raises Invalid_argument if the image is not a full-color image.

val save_with_markers : string -> Images.save_option list -> Images.t -> Marker.t list -> unit

Same as save but it also writes markers

val save_as_cmyk : string -> Images.save_option list -> (Images.rgb -> int * int * int * int) -> Images.t -> unit

Saves RGB24 image as a CMYK32 JPEG image, using the given color conversion function on the fly. More efficient than creating a CMYK24 image and saveing it.

val save_cmyk_sample : string -> Images.save_option list -> unit

Create CMYK jpeg image sample. Just for developpers.

Scanline based I/O functions

type in_handle

Scanline read handle

val open_in : string -> int * int * in_handle * Marker.t list

open_in path opens a JPEG image path and returns its width, height, a handle to get scanlines, and the JPEG makers.

val open_in_thumbnail : string -> Geometry.spec -> int * int * (int * int * in_handle) * Marker.t list

open_in_thumbnail is the same as open_in but possibly scales down the image size based on the given Geometry.spec int the same way as load_thumbnail.

val read_scanline : in_handle -> bytes -> int -> unit

read_scanline h buf off reads a scanline from the handle and store in bytes at the offset off. (image's width * bytes_per_pixel) bytes are overwritten from off of bytes. No size check of buf is performed.

val close_in : in_handle -> unit

closes the given scanline handle

type out_handle

Scanline write handle

val open_out : string -> int -> int -> int -> out_handle

open_out path width height quality opens a JPEG file at path, with width, height and quality. It returns a scanline handle for write.

val write_marker : out_handle -> Marker.t -> unit

write_marker h m writes a maker to JPEG. It must be performed before calling write_scanline.

val write_scanline : out_handle -> bytes -> unit

write_scanline h buf writes the contents of buf to the write handle. buf must have enough data for a scanline: (image's width * bytes_per_pixel) bytes of data must be available. No size check is performed.

val close_out : out_handle -> unit

Close the write handle

Accessing the header information without touching the pixel data

val check_header : string -> Images.header

Checks the file header

val read_markers : string -> Marker.t list

Open the file, read the markers, then close it immediately.


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