package batteries

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Module type
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Filepath handling.

Paths can be used with different string implementations:

  • see Path.OfRope to use paths built of validated UTF-8 strings (Rope.t)
  • see Path.OfString to use paths based on primitive string type. Actual strings may use UTF-8 encoding.
  • author Dawid Toton
Functorized interface
module type StringType = sig ... end

This signature lists few basic operations provided by all string types.

module type PathType = sig ... end

All implementations of Path functionality have this module type.

module Make (S : StringType) : PathType with type ustring = S.t and type uchar = S.tchar

Constructs path handling module for string-like type and its operations given in S.

module OfString : PathType with type ustring = string and type uchar = char

This implementation can be used with UTF-8, but encoding of used strings is not verified.


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