package aws-ssm

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Module type
Class type
type error = Errors_internal.t
include Aws.Call with type input := input and type output := output and type error := error
val signature_version : Aws.Request.signature_version

The signing method to use for the Call.

val service : string

The AWS service, for example, 'ec2'. This is used for request signing, and to determine the endpoint to send the request.

val to_http : string -> string -> input -> Aws.Request.t

This function converts the native input into the HTTP request type. In particular, it is responsible for properly encoding the request type into query format. It also sets the Action and Version query parameters.

val of_http : string -> [ `Ok of output | `Error of error Aws.Error.error_response ]

This function converts from a HTTP response body to an output or an error if the response could not be decoded.

val parse_error : int -> string -> error option

This function parses an AWS error (which has been successfully deserialized from XML) into an API specific native error that could have been triggered by this call. It should fail to parse if the error it is given is not one of those listen in the specification, or if the passed HTTP status code does not match the specified one.


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