package atd

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module Annot : sig ... end

Utilities for interpreting annotations of type Ast.annot

module Ast : sig ... end

Abstract syntax tree (AST) representing ATD data

module Check : sig ... end

Check the validity of an ATD file beyond syntax.

module Doc : sig ... end

Support for <doc text="..."> annotations:

module Doc_lexer : sig ... end
module Doc_types : sig ... end
module Expand : sig ... end

Monomorphization of type definitions

module Import : sig ... end
module Inherit : sig ... end

Expansion of inherit statements

module Json : sig ... end

Mapping from ATD to JSON

module Jsonschema : sig ... end

Translate an ATD file to JSON Schema, honoring the <json ...> annotations.

module Lexer : sig ... end
module Loc : sig ... end
module Parser : sig ... end
module Predef : sig ... end

The collection of core types known by ATD.

module Print : sig ... end

Pretty-printing of ATD data

module Reflect : sig ... end

Conversion of an AST value into OCaml source code that creates this value

module Sort : sig ... end

Topological sort that doesn't give up on cycles.

module Unique_name : sig ... end

Functions to translate an identifier into one that's not reserved or already taken.

module Util : sig ... end

Top-level utilities

module Version : sig ... end