Bindings for the Apple System Log API
Module Asl . Client
type t

A thread-unsafe client handle

type opt = [
| `Stderr(*

Also log to stderr

| `No_delay(*

Connect immediately to the server

| `No_remote(*

Disables remote-control filter adjustment


Client options

val create : ident:string -> facility:string -> ?opts:opt list -> unit -> t

Create a thread-unsafe client handle.

val add_output_file : t -> Unix.file_descr -> string -> string -> level -> bool

add_output_file t fd msg_fmt time_fmt level_up_to adds fd to the set of the file descriptors used by the client t. Each log message written via t will be written to fd if it has level level_up_to or above. See the ASL documentation for the meaning of msg_fmt and time_fmt strings. If successful, the function returns true and false otherwise.