package asai

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The definition of highlighted text suitable for rendering. You probably do not need this module unless you want to create your own diagnostic handler.


type 'tag segment = 'tag option * string

A segment is an optionally tagged string from the user content. (Note the use of option.)

type 'tag line = {
  1. tags : 'tag list;
  2. segments : 'tag segment list;

A line is a list of segments along with tags.

type 'tag block = {
  1. begin_line_num : int;

    The starting 1-indexed line number of a block.

  2. end_line_num : int;

    The ending 1-indexed line number of a block.

  3. lines : 'tag line list;

    The lines within a block.


A block is a collection of consecutive lines.

type 'tag part = {
  1. source : Range.source;

    The source of a part.

  2. blocks : 'tag block list;

    The blocks within a part.


A part consists of multiple blocks from the same file. These blocks should be non-overlapping and sorted by importance or the textual order.

type 'tag t = 'tag part list

Highlighted texts.


val dump : (Stdlib.Format.formatter -> 'tag -> unit) -> Stdlib.Format.formatter -> 'tag t -> unit

Ugly printer for debugging


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