package amqp-client-lwt

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type t

Operations on Queues

type 'a consumer
val message_ttl : int -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val auto_expire : int -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val max_length : int -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val max_length_bytes : int -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val dead_letter_exchange : string -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val dead_letter_routing_key : string -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val maximum_priority : int -> string * Amqp_client_lib.Types.value
val declare : _ Channel.t -> ?durable:bool -> ?exclusive:bool -> ?auto_delete:bool -> ?passive:bool -> ?arguments:Amqp_client_lib.Types.table -> ?autogenerate:bool -> string -> t Thread.Deferred.t

Declare a queue.

To use server-generated queue name explicitly pass ~autogenerate:true and empty name: declare channel ~autogenerate:true "". Reason for making autogenerate param explicit is inability in production to find out which services are leaking queues with auto-generated names. We advice not to use this feature in production.

val get : no_ack:bool -> _ Channel.t -> t -> Message.t option Thread.Deferred.t

Get a single message from the queue. The function automatically handles ack.

If no_ack is false (default), the message is requsted with expicit ack and the caller is responsible for ack'ing or rejecting the message.

val publish : 'a Channel.t -> t -> ?mandatory:bool -> Message.message -> 'a Thread.Deferred.t

Publish a message directly to a queue

val consume : id:string -> ?no_local:bool -> ?no_ack:bool -> ?exclusive:bool -> ?on_cancel:(unit -> unit) -> 'a Channel.t -> t -> ('a consumer * Message.t Thread.Pipe.Reader.t) Thread.Deferred.t

Setup consumption of a queue. Remember to ack messages.

All messages are processed concurrently. To limit number of concurrent processes, set the prefetch threshold.

on_cancel is called if the server cancels consumption. This may happen if e.g. the queue is deleted. If the argument is not provided and exception is raised.

val cancel : _ consumer -> unit Thread.Deferred.t

Cancel consumption.

val bind : _ Channel.t -> t -> 'b Exchange.t -> 'b -> unit Thread.Deferred.t

Bind a queue to an exchange. Messages posted on the exchange which match the routing key (and optionally match the headers) will be routed to the queue

val unbind : _ Channel.t -> t -> 'b Exchange.t -> 'b -> unit Thread.Deferred.t

Remove a binding from an exchange to a queue

val purge : _ Channel.t -> t -> unit Thread.Deferred.t

Purge all messages on a queue

val delete : ?if_unused:bool -> ?if_empty:bool -> _ Channel.t -> t -> unit Thread.Deferred.t

Delete a queue

val name : t -> string

Name of the queue