Amqp client library, lwt version
type t = {
delivery_tag : delivery_tag;
multiple : Amqp_client_lib.Types.bit;(*

If set to 1, the delivery tag is treated as "up to and including", so that multiple messages can be rejected with a single method. If set to zero, the delivery tag refers to a single message. If the multiple field is 1, and the delivery tag is zero, this indicates rejection of all outstanding messages.

requeue : Amqp_client_lib.Types.bit;(*

If requeue is true, the server will attempt to requeue the message. If requeue is false or the requeue attempt fails the messages are discarded or dead-lettered. Clients receiving the Nack methods should ignore this flag.

val init : delivery_tag:delivery_tag -> multiple:Amqp_client_lib.Types.bit -> requeue:Amqp_client_lib.Types.bit -> unit -> t
val reply : ?once:bool -> (Framing.t * Framing.channel_no) -> t Lwt.t
val request : (Framing.t * Framing.channel_no) -> t -> unit Thread.Deferred.t