Ocaml-lsp 1.16.1

We're thrilled to announce the release of OCaml LSP 1.16.1! 🎉

This release comes with new "Extract local" and "Extract function" code actions to easily refactor your code.

We've also disabled code lenses by default following user feedback. You can follow the discussion on GitHub.

This release is also the first OCaml LSP release to use upstream Merlin. Among other things, this means that it is compatible with all the OCaml versions supported by Merlin: currently OCaml 4.14 and 5.0.0.

We're also releasing numerous bug fixes, including:

  • A fix to the integration with Dune RPC on Windows, which, alongside Dune 3.9.0, makes OCaml LSP report Dune errors to the editors with Dune watch mode enabled.
  • Minor improvements to the Odoc <-> Markdown conversion to return better function documentation on the editor.

And much more! Read the full changelog for a complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

See full changelog


  • Add "Remove type annotation" code action. (#1039)
  • Support settings through didChangeConfiguration notification (#1103)
  • Add "Extract local" and "Extract function" code actions. (#870)
  • Depend directly on merlin-lib 4.9 (#1070)


  • Support building with OCaml 5.0 and 5.1 (#1150)

  • Disable code lens by default. The support can be re-enabled by explicitly setting it in the configuration. (#1134)

  • Fix initilization of ocamlformat-rpc in some edge cases when ocamlformat is initialized concurrently (#1132)

  • Kill unnecessary $ dune ocaml-merlin with SIGTERM rather than SIGKILL (#1124)

  • Refactor comment parsing to use odoc-parser and cmarkit instead of octavius and omd (#1088)

    This allows users who migrated to omd 2.X to install ocaml-lsp-server in the same opam switch.

    We also slightly improved markdown generation support and fixed a couple in the generation of inline heading and module types.

  • Allow opening documents that were already open. This is a workaround for neovim's lsp client (#1067)

  • Disable type annotation for functions (#1054)

  • Respect codeActionLiteralSupport capability (#1046)

  • Fix a document syncing issue when utf-16 is the position encoding (#1004)

  • Disable "Type-annotate" action for code that is already annotated. (#1037, fixes #1036)

  • Fix semantic highlighting of long identifiers when using preprocessors (#1049, fixes #1034)

  • Fix the type of DocumentSelector in cram document registration (#1068)

  • Accept the --clientProcessId command line argument. (#1074)

  • Accept --port as a synonym for --socket. (#1075)

  • Fix connecting to dune rpc on Windows. (#1080)