Mdx 2.2.0

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  • Report all parsing errors in Markdown files (#389, @NathanReb)


  • Preserve indentation in multiline OCaml blocks in .mli files (#395, @panglesd)
  • Rename the Normal syntax to Markdown to better explain what the syntax is and moved it to Mdx.Syntax (#412, @Leonidas-from-XIV)


  • Fixed compatibility with Cmdliner 1.1.0 (#371, @Leonidas-from-XIV)
  • Report errors and exit codes of toplevel directives (#382, @talex5, @Leonidas-from-XIV)
  • Fix block locations in error reporting (#389, @NathanReb)
  • Include the content of the line that features the part-end MDX directive in the output, before that line would've been dropped (#374, #387, @Leonidas-from-XIV)
  • Handle EINTR signal on waitpid call by restarting the syscall. (#409, @tmcgilchrist)
  • Fix parsing of multiline toplevel phrases in .mli files (#394, #397, @Leonidas-from-XIV)


  • Removed warning about missing semicolons added in MDX 1.11.0 and the automatic insertion of semicolons in the corrected files introduced in MDX 2.0.0. (#398, @Leonidas-from-XIV)