Ocaml-lsp 1.15.0

On behalf of the ocaml-lsp team, I’m pleased to announce ocaml-lsp-server versions 1.15.0-4.14 and 1.15.0-5.0 for OCaml 4.14 and 5.0, respectively. This is the first time we release ocaml-lsp supporting two compiler versions. We look forward to your feedback.

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  • Enable semantic highlighting support by default (#933)

  • Support connecting over pipes and socket. Pipes on Windows aren't yet supported (#946)

    More about communication channels in LSP specification.

  • Re-enable ocamlformat-rpc for formatting code snippets (but not files and not on Windows) (#920, #939)

    One needs to have installed either ocamlformat package version > 0.21.0 or, otherwise, ocamlformat-rpc package. Note that previously ocamlformat-rpc came in a standalone OPAM package, but since ocamlformat version > 0.21.0, it comes within ocamlformat package.

  • Add custom ocamllsp/hoverExtended request (#561)

  • Support utf-8 position encoding clients (#919)

    More about position encoding in LSP specification.

  • Show unwrapped module alias types on hovering over module names. This is due to upgrading to merlin 4.7 and using merlin's verbosity=smart by default (#942)


  • Respect the client's completion item resolve and preSelect capabilities (#925, #936)

  • Disable polling for dune's watch mode on Windows and OCaml 4.14.0 (#935)

  • Fix semantic highlighting of "long identifiers," e.g., Foo.Bar.x (#932)

  • Fix syncing of document contents:

    • For ranges that span an entire line (#927)
    • Previously, whole line edits would incorrectly eat the newline characters (#971)