Mdx 2.0.0

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  • Add trailing ;; to the output of toplevel phrases that were missing it. (#346, @Leonidas-from-XIV)
  • Make MDX compatible with OCaml 4.14 (#356, @NathanReb)


  • Use the same output as the normal toplevel. Mdx used to carry an unsafe patch to work around a bug fixed in OCaml 4.06 and that patch would change the printed types in some corner cases. (#322, @emillon)


  • Dropped compatibility with older OCaml versions. The minimal supported range is 4.08 to 4.13 now (#345, @Leonidas-from-XIV)
  • Do not install deprecated mdx binary anymore (#274, @gpetiot)
  • Remove deprecated rule command (#312, @gpetiot)
  • Remove support for require-package label, use the mdx stanza in dune instead. This label was only used for the rule command and can now be safely removed. (#363, @Leonidas-from-XIV)