Mdx 1.8.0

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  • Allow to explicitly set the kind of blocks in labels: ocaml, cram, toplevel or include. (#237, @gpetiot)
  • Include blocks do not require an empty block anymore (#286, @gpetiot)
  • Support for OCaml 4.12 (#298, @kit-ty-kate)


  • Improve error message of cram test exceptions due to empty lines in a block (#270, @pitag-ha)


  • Report #require directive errors (#276, @gpetiot)
  • Handle no such file exception: the input file and the values of options --root and --prelude are checked (#292, @gpetiot)
  • Keep locations from parsing instead of recomputing the lines, providing better error messages (#241, @gpetiot)
  • Use create_process instead of execvp to call mdx-test from mdx. This fixes running mdx from dune on Windows (#299, @emillon)