Ocaml-lsp 1.2.0

On behalf of the ocaml-lsp team, I’d like to announce version 1.2.0.

This version contains many bug fixes and some performance improvements A couple of interesting features made it in as well:

  • Auto-completion of OCaml keywords (not available for reason)
  • The ability to jump to the declaration of a value in the .mli.
See full changelog


  • Add keyword completion

  • Add go to declaration functionality to jump to a value's specification in a .mli file (#294)


  • #245: correctly use mutexes on OpenBSD (#264)

  • #268: Do not use vendored libraries when building the lsp package (#260)

  • #271: Clear diagnostics when files are closed

  • Disable non-prefix completion. There's no reliably way to trigger it and it can be slow.