A modular, clean and powerful extension of the OCaml standard library
Module type
Class type
Library containers
Module type CCStringLabels . S
type t
val length : t -> int

Return the length (number of characters) of the given string.

val blit : src:t -> src_pos:int -> dst:Bytes.t -> dst_pos:int -> len:int -> unit

Like String.blit. Compatible with the -safe-string option.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if indices are not valid.

val fold : f:( 'a -> char -> 'a ) -> init:'a -> t -> 'a

Fold on chars by increasing index.

  • since 0.7


val to_gen : t -> char gen

Return the gen of characters contained in the string.

val to_iter : t -> char iter

Return the iter of characters contained in the string.

  • since 2.8
val to_std_seq : t -> char Seq.t

to_std_seq s returns a Seq.t of the bytes in s.

  • since 2.8
val to_seq : t -> char sequence
val to_klist : t -> char klist
val to_list : t -> char list

Return the list of characters contained in the string.

val pp_buf : Buffer.t -> t -> unit

Renamed from pp since 2.0.

val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Print the string within quotes.

Renamed from print since 2.0.