Standard library for ppx rewriters
Module type
Class type
Library ppxlib.astlib
Module Astlib . Location
type t = Ocaml_common.Location.t = {
loc_start : Lexing.position;
loc_end : Lexing.position;
loc_ghost : bool;

The location type

type 'a loc = 'a Ocaml_common.Location.loc = {
txt : 'a;
loc : t;

A located type

module Error : sig ... end
val set_input_name : string -> unit

Set the name of the input source, e.g. the file name.

val none : t

An arbitrary value of type t; describes an empty ghost range.

Automatically reporting errors for raised exceptions

val register_error_of_exn : ( exn -> Error.t option ) -> unit

Each compiler module which defines a custom type of exception which can surface as a user-visible error should register a "printer" for this exception using register_error_of_exn. The result of the printer is an error value containing a location, a message, and optionally sub-messages (each of them being located as well).

exception Error of Error.t

Located exception.

val raise_errorf : ?loc:t -> ( 'a, Format.formatter, unit, 'b ) format4 -> 'a

Raise a located exception.

val report_exception : Format.formatter -> exn -> unit

Report an exception on the given formatter