MirageOS signatures for key/value devices
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Module Mirage_kv


MirageOS key-value stores are nested dictionaries, associating structured keys to either dictionaries or values.

module Key : sig ... end
type key = Key.t

The type for keys.

type error = [
| `Not_found of key(*

key not found

| `Dictionary_expected of key(*

key does not refer to a dictionary.

| `Value_expected of key(*

key does not refer to a value.


The type for errors.

val pp_error : error Fmt.t

pp_error is the pretty-printer for errors.

module type RO = sig ... end
type write_error = [
| error
| `No_space(*

No space left on the device.

| `Too_many_retries of int(*

batch has been trying to commit n times without success.

val pp_write_error : write_error Fmt.t

pp_write_error is the pretty-printer for write errors.

module type RW = sig ... end