Full standard library replacement for OCaml
Module type
Class type
Library base
Module Base . Pretty_printer
val all : unit -> string list

all () returns all pretty printers that have been registered.

module type S = sig ... end

Modules that provide a pretty printer will match S.

module Register (M : sig ... end) : S with type t := M.t

Register builds a pp function from a to_string function, and adds the module_name ^ ".pp" to the list of pretty printers. The idea is to statically guarantee that one has the desired pp function at the same point where the name is added.

module Register_pp (M : sig ... end) : S with type t := M.t

Register_pp is like Register, but allows a custom pp function rather than using to_string.

val register : string -> unit

register name adds name to the list of pretty printers. Use the Register functor if possible.