Logging infrastructure for OCaml
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Module Logs . Tag

Tag definitions

type 'a def

The type for tag definitions. The type 'a is the type of the tag. The definition specifies a name for the tag, a pretty-printer for the type of the tag and a documentation string. See def.

type def_e =
| Def : 'a def -> def_e

The type for existential tag definitions.

val def : ?doc:string -> string -> ( Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit ) -> 'a def

def ~doc name pp is a tag definition. name is the name of the tag, it doesn't need to be unique. pp is a printer for the type of the tag. doc is a documentation string describing the tag (defaults to "undocumented").

val name : 'a def -> string

name d is d's name.

val doc : 'a def -> string

doc d is d's documentation string.

val printer : 'a def -> Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit

printer d is d's type pretty-printer.

val pp_def : Format.formatter -> 'a def -> unit

pp_def ppf d prints an unspecified representation of d on ppf.

val list : unit -> def_e list

tag_list () is the list of currently existing tag definitions.


type t =
| V : 'a def * 'a -> t

The type for tags. Tuples the tag definition and its value.

val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit

pp ppf t prints an unspecified representation of t on ppf.

Tag sets

type set

The type for tag sets. A tag set contains at most one tag per tag definition.

val empty : set

empty is the empty set.

val is_empty : set -> bool

is_empty s is true iff s is empty.

val mem : 'a def -> set -> bool

mem d s is true iff s has a tag with definition d.

val add : 'a def -> 'a -> set -> set

add d v s is s with the tag (V (d, v)) added. If there was a tag with definition d in s it is replaced.

val rem : 'a def -> set -> set

rem d s is s without the tag defined by d (if there was one).

val find : 'a def -> set -> 'a option

find d s is the tag value with definition d in s (if any).

val get : 'a def -> set -> 'a

get d s is like find d s but

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if there is no tag with definition d in s.

val fold : ( t -> 'a -> 'a ) -> set -> 'a -> 'a

fold f s acc is the result of folding f over the tags of s starting with acc.

val pp_set : Format.formatter -> set -> unit

pp_set ppf s prints an unspecified representation of s on ppf.