module OLS : sig ... end
module RANSAC : sig ... end
type 'a t

Type of analyze.

val ols : r_square:bool -> bootstrap:int -> predictors:string array -> OLS.t t

ols ~r_square ~bootstrap ~predictors is an Ordinary Least Square analyze on predictors. It calculate if r_square = true. bootstrap is the number of how many times Bechamel try to resample measurements.

val ransac : filter_outliers:bool -> predictor:string -> RANSAC.t t
val one : 'a t -> Measure.witness -> Benchmark.t -> 'a

one analyze measure { Benchmark.stat; lr; kde; } estimates the actual given measure for one predictors. So, one analyze time { Benchmark.stat; lr; kde; } where analyze is initialized with run predictor wants to estimate actual run-time (or execution time) value.

val all : 'a t -> Measure.witness -> ( string, Benchmark.t ) Hashtbl.t -> ( string, 'a ) Hashtbl.t

all analyze measure tbl is an application of one for all results from the given tbl.

val merge : 'a t -> Measure.witness list -> ( string, 'a ) Hashtbl.t list -> ( string, ( string, 'a ) Hashtbl.t ) Hashtbl.t

merge witnesses tbls returns a dictionary where the key is the label of a measure (from the given witnesses) and the value is the result of this specific measure.