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A Canceler.t is a three-states synchronization object with transitions "waiting -> canceling -> canceled", starting in waiting state. A chain of hooks can be attached to the canceler. Hooks are triggered when switching to the canceling state. The canceler switches to canceled state when the hooks have completed.

type t
val create : unit -> t

create t returns a canceler in waiting state.

val cancel : t -> unit Lwt.t

If t is in wait state, cancel t triggers the cancellation process: 1. it switches to canceling state, 2. it executes the hooks sequentially in separate Lwt threads, 3. it waits for hooks execution to complete, 4. it switches to cancel state. If t is in canceled state, cancel t is determined immediately. If t is in canceling state, cancel t is determined at the end of the cancellation process.

val cancellation : t -> unit Lwt.t

cancellation t is determined when t is in canceling or canceled state.

val on_cancel : t -> (unit -> unit Lwt.t) -> unit

on_cancel t hook adds hook to the end of the current chain.

val canceled : t -> bool

canceled t is true iff t is canceled or canceling.