A high-performance, memory-efficient, and scalable web server for OCaml
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Module Httpaf . Request
type t = {
meth : Method.t;
target : string;
version : Version.t;
headers : Headers.t;
val create : ?version:Version.t -> ?headers:Headers.t -> Method.t -> string -> t
val body_length : t -> [ `Fixed of Int64.t | `Chunked | `Error of [ `Bad_request ] ]

body_length t is the length of the message body accompanying t. It is an error to generate a request with a close-delimited message body.

See RFC7230§3.3.3 for more details.

val persistent_connection : ?proxy:bool -> t -> bool

persistent_connection ?proxy t indicates whether the connection for t can be reused for multiple requests and responses. If the calling code is acting as a proxy, it should pass ~proxy:true.

See RFC7230§6.3 for more details.

val pp_hum : Format.formatter -> t -> unit