type t

Type of one bandwidth counter.

type state

Internal state of the worker handling a family of counters.

val fresh_state : id:string -> refresh_interval:float -> state

fresh_state ~id ~refresh_interval initializes the state of a worker handling a family of counter. The worker wakes up every refresh_interval seconds. id is a string identifier used for distinguishing distinct Moving_average workers..

val create : state -> init:int -> alpha:float -> t

create state ~init ~alpha is a counter with initial value init and factor alpha. The counter is added to the state. It is not removed automatically: it must be removed manually.

val destroy : state -> t -> unit

destroy state -> t removes counter t from the internal state.

val add : t -> int -> unit

add state t v adds v to the counter t.

val on_update : state -> ( unit -> unit ) -> unit

on_update state f registers f to be called on each update of the internal worker associated to state.

val updated : state -> unit Lwt_condition.t

updated state is a condition variable that gets signaled on each update of the internal worker..

type stat = {
total : int64;
average : int;
val stat : t -> stat

stat t is a stat record reflecting the state of t at the time of the call.