type pk_uri = private Uri.t
type sk_uri = private Uri.t
type public_key_hash
type public_key
type secret_key
val scheme : string

scheme is the name of the scheme implemented by this signer module.

val title : string

title is a one-line human readable description of the signer.

val description : string

description is a multi-line human readable description of the signer, that should include the format of key specifications.

neuterize sk is the corresponding pk.

import_secret_key ~io pk is the function to be called when interactively importing a key-pair and returning the public key and its hash.

Some signer implementations improve long-term security by requiring human/manual validation while importing keys, the ~io argument can be used to prompt the user in such case.

public_key pk is the Ed25519 version of pk.

public_key_hash pk is the hash of pk. As some signers will query the full public key to obtain the hash, it can be optionally returned to reduce the amount of queries.