Library for regular data types
Module type Regular . Std . Printable . S
type t

type of printable

val to_string : t -> string

to_string x returns a human-readable representation of x

val str : unit -> t -> string

str () t is formatted output function that matches "%a" conversion format specifier in functions, that prints to string, e.g., sprintf, failwithf, errorf and, surprisingly all Lwt printing function, including Lwt_io.printf and logging (or any other function with type ('a,unit,string,...) formatN`. Example:

Or_error.errorf "type %a is not valid for %a"
  Type.str ty Exp.str exp
val pps : unit -> t -> string

synonym for str

val ppo : Core_kernel.Out_channel.t -> t -> unit

will print to a standard output_channel, useful for using in printf, fprintf, etc.

val pp_seq : Format.formatter -> t Core_kernel.Sequence.t -> unit

prints a sequence of values of type t

this will include pp function from Core that has type t printer, and can be used in Format.printf family of functions

include Core_kernel.Pretty_printer.S with type t := t
val pp : Base.Formatter.t -> t -> unit