Generation of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml records
  • Depend on ppxlib instead of (now deprecated) ppx_core, ppx_driver,
    ppx_metaquot and ppx_type_conv.


  • Fix errors in ppx_fields_conv documentation

  • Add unit tests for ppx_fields_conv functions

  • Fix some idiosyncracies where the implementations in ppx_fields_conv.ml differed
    (ex: a variable would be called one thing when implementing one function but
    would be called something different when implementing every other function).


  • The iter function generated by ppx_variants_conv and ppx_fields_conv allowed
    one to give function which returned values of arbitrary types as iter function.
    This release constraint these functions to return unit.

    N.B. the signature generated by the use of @@deriving variants (resp. fields)
    in interface already constrained the type to unit.

  • Update to follow type_conv's evolution.

  • Add Fields.make_creator to ppx_fields_conv's readme, since it appears
    to not be all that deprecated.