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1.0.1 (development version, not published yet)

  • Changed rescue mode to use the original bytes of the file, rather than regenerating the block bytes itself

  • Fixed jbuild file to work on macOS when building

  • Added graceful handling of CTRL-C breaks in rescue mode

    • log file stays valid after being interrupted

    • in 1.0.0, log file may be empty/broken when osbx is interrupted during rescuing

  • Better progress reporting for encoding, decoding and rescuing

  • Fixed progress reporting issues with rescuing

    • in 1.0.0, rescue mode only does a progress report when it outputs a block, rather than after scanning the block bytes

    • this makes osbx outputs no log when the scanned file section is large and contains no valid blocks

  • Fixed log writing with rescuing

    • in 1.0.0, rescue mode only writes to log file when a valid block is found

    • now it is changed to update log on bytes read, not on blocks written

  • Updated file size retrieval function to act correctly when dealing with block devices

    • Changed File_utils.getsize to use Core.In_channel.length instead of Unix.LargeFile.stat

  • Added progress reporting for hash in decode mode

1.0.0 (version on opam)

  • Base version