Official release 4.14.0
Module type
Class type
Library odoc_info
Module Odoc_info . Parameter


type simple_name = Odoc_parameter.simple_name = {
sn_name : string;
sn_type : Types.type_expr;
mutable sn_text : text option;

Representation of a simple parameter name

type param_info = Odoc_parameter.param_info =
| Simple_name of simple_name
| Tuple of param_info list * Types.type_expr

Representation of parameter names. We need it to represent parameter names in tuples. The value Tuple ([], t) stands for an anonymous parameter.

type parameter = param_info

A parameter is just a param_info.


val complete_name : parameter -> string

Access to the name as a string. For tuples, parentheses and commas are added.

Access to the complete type.

val names : parameter -> string list

Access to the list of names ; only one for a simple parameter, or a list for a tuple.

val desc_by_name : parameter -> string -> text option

Access to the description of a specific name.

  • raises Not_found

    if no description is associated to the given name.

val type_by_name : parameter -> string -> Types.type_expr

Access to the type of a specific name.

  • raises Not_found

    if no type is associated to the given name.