Official release 4.12.1
Module Odoc_global
type source_file =
| Impl_file of string
| Intf_file of string
| Text_file of string
val include_dirs : string list ref
val merge_options : Odoc_types.merge_option list ref
val classic : bool ref
val dump : string option ref
val load : string list ref
val sort_modules : bool ref
val no_stop : bool ref
val no_custom_tags : bool ref
val remove_stars : bool ref
val keep_code : bool ref
val inverse_merge_ml_mli : bool ref
val filter_with_module_constraints : bool ref
val hidden_modules : string list ref
val files : source_file list ref
val errors : int ref
val warn_error : bool ref
val show_missed_crossref : bool ref
val pwarning : string -> unit
val out_file : string ref
val verbose : bool ref
val intro_file : string option ref
val title : string option ref
val target_dir : string ref
val with_toc : bool ref
val with_index : bool ref
val with_header : bool ref
val with_trailer : bool ref
val initially_opened_module : string ref
val library_namespace : string ref