Module type
Class type
type t
module KeyMap : Map.S with type key = string
val read : t -> string -> string option

read t key is the last known value of key.

val write : t -> string -> string -> unit Lwt.t

write t key value sets key to value.

val bindings : t -> string KeyMap.t

bindings t is the bindings of t at the time of the call.

val after : t -> string KeyMap.t -> string KeyMap.t Lwt.t

after prev waits until the current bindings are different to prev and then returns the new bindings.

val got_new_commit : t -> string -> string KeyMap.t -> string KeyMap.t Lwt.t

got_new_commit t key prev either waits until a new commit (empty write) has been written to key into the qubesDB t, or the entries starting with key are different from prev. Returns the entries starting with key.