Falling back to pre-odoc.2.2.0 documentation page...

Bugfix for integer shift counts

v0.4 (23rd September 2022)

Support for OCaml 4.09 to 4.14
Recursive lazy bindings now supported

v0.3 (24th April 2019)

Support for OCaml 4.06, 4.07 and 4.08+beta2
Support for non-Flambda builds
Dune support (replacing jbuilder)
Lazy evaluation (lazy E and force E)
Floating-point numbers

v0.2.1 (3rd October 2017)

Fix build bug with OCaml 4.04.2

v0.2 (12th September 2017)

Support for OCaml 4.05.0
Now builds with jbuilder

v0.1 (20th June 2016)

Initial release