XML, JSON, HTML and Markdown libraries


  • Port to use module aliases, so there are now Cow_xml Cow_html
    Cow_xhtml Cow_markdown Cow_json and Cow_atom modules,
    with aliases to the old scheme under the Cow module (e.g. Cow.Xml).
    Existing code should continue to work, but the whole compilation unit
    is no longer linked in if just a single method of output is used.
    This bumps the minimum OCaml version to 4.02.3 due to the use of
    module-level aliases.

  • Switch build system to use topkg instead of oasis, and adhere
    to the opkg layout format.

2.1.0 (21-May-2016):

  • Add description lists (dl/dt/dd)

  • Add ~licls/~dtcls/~ddcls to Html.ul/ol/dl. Setting classes of child
    elements in lists is sometimes useful.

  • Add some missing HTML5 combinators.

2.0.1 (03-May-2016):

  • Turn off warnings-as-errors, which fixes build under 4.03

  • Add OCaml test cases for OCaml 4.03.

2.0.0: (13-Mar-2016):

  • Remove camlp4 syntax extension support

  • Expose more and clean-up Html combinators

1.4.1 (unreleased):

  • Fix XML and HTML labeled argument assignment antiquotation syntax bug (#86)

  • Fix CSS space-less antiquotation syntax bug

1.4.0 (27-Sep-2015):

  • Improve compatability with Type_conv >= 113.00 by renaming some of the
    syntax parser modules to be less generically named.

  • Add ocamldoc generation and improve the Html.Create library
    (from @chrismamo1 in #82).

1.3.0 (02-Aug-2015)

  • Add Css.of_string, Css.set_prop, Css.get_prop, Css.polygradient.
    Css.gradient (#74, by @chrismamo1)

  • Add optional arguments to Css.top_rounded, Css.rounded, Css.box_shadow
    and Css.text_shadow (#74, by @chrismamo1)

  • Add Html.concat, Html.append, Html.Create.ul and Html.Create.ol
    (#74, by @chrismamo1)

1.2.2 (30-Jul-2015)

  • Fix int32 conversion to float in JSON syntax (#76, by Antoine Luciani)

  • Fix a regression introduced in 1.2.0 in make test (#72 by @dsheets)

  • Modernize .travis.yml to use ocaml-travisci-skeleton (by @dsheets)

  • Remove direct dependency on re (#71, by @rgrinberg)

  • Add a .merlin file (#70, by @rgrinberg)

1.2.1 (05-Mar-2015):

  • Fix compatibility of the json syntax extension with ezjsonm version 0.4

1.2.0 (06-Feb-2015):

  • When serializing HTML, only self-close void elements.

  • New Html.doctype value of the HTML5 DOCTYPE.

  • New Html.output and Html.output_doc functions for generic polyglot output.

  • Atom support is now deprecated in favor of Syndic

  • New Html.img constructor for easy creation of tags

  • New Html.a constructor for easy creation of tags

  • Deprecate function Html.html_of_link and type

1.1.0 (20-Dec-2014):

1.0.0 (26-Aug-2014):

0.10.1 (10-Aug-2014):

0.10.0 (26-Apr-2014):

0.9.1 (20-Dec-2013):

0.9.0 (20-Dec-2013):

0.8.1 (15-Dec-2013):

0.8.0 (12-Dec-2013):

0.7.0 (25-Sep-2013):

0.6.2 (30-Jul-2013):

0.6.1 (03-Jul-2013):

0.6.0 (21-Jun-2013):

0.5.5 (12-Jun-2013):

0.5.4 (21-May-2013):

0.5.3 (18-Feb-2013):

0.5.2 (15-Jan-2013):

0.5.1 (10-Jan-2013):

0.5.0 (04-Dec-2012):

0.4.0 (05-Oct-2012):

0.3.2 (11-Sep-2012):

0.3.1 (04-Sep-2012):

0.3.0 (02-Sep-2012):