A Unicode library
Module type CamomileLibrary . Type . ULine . Type
type text
class input_line : UChar.t OOChannel.obj_input_channel -> text CamomileLibrary__OOChannel.obj_input_channel

new input_line input_obj creates the new input channel object OOChannel.obj_input_channel which reads Unicode characters from input_obj and output lines. All of CR, LF, CRLF, NEL, LS, PS, as well as FF (formfeed) are recognised as a line separator.

class output_line : ?sp:separator -> UChar.t OOChannel.obj_output_channel -> text CamomileLibrary__OOChannel.obj_output_channel

new output_line ~sp output_obj create the new output channel object OOChannel.obj_output_channel which output each line to output_obj using sp as a line separator. If sp is omitted, linefeed (LF) is used.