Browser programming toolkit for OCaml
  • Require js_of_ocaml 4.0.0:

    • Allows brr, js_of_ocaml, and gen_js_api bindings to be used in the
      same program.

    • Adding -no-check-prims during bytecode linking is no longer required.

    Thanks to Hugo Heuzard for making the ground work in js_of_ocaml and
    providing a patch (#2, #33).

  • Add Brr.Ev.beforeunload.

  • Add Brr.Ev.Pointer.as_mouse.

  • Tweak Brr.Ev.{Drag,Wheel}.as_mouse_event into
    Brr.Ev.{Drag,Wheel}.as_mouse to avoid coercion madness.

  • Add Brr.El.{previous,next}_sibling.

  • Add Brr.El.remove_inline_style.

  • Add Brr.El.Style.{top,left,right,bottom,position,z_index}.

  • Fix Blob.of_jstr. It was not working. Thanks to Kiran Gopinathan for
    the report (#31).

  • Ev.target_{of,to}_jv take and return a Jv.t value instead of an 'a.
    Thanks to Joseph Price for the report (#28).

v0.0.2 2021-09-23 Zagreb

  • Change the Brr.Base64 module (atob, bota) to make it more
    useful and less error prone (#18).
    Thanks to Armaël Guéneau for shooting himself in the foot.

  • Add' (#20).
    Thanks to Boris Dob for the suggestion and the patch.

  • Rename Brr_webcrypto.Crypto_algo.rsassa_pks1_v1_5 to rsassa_pkcs1_v1_5.
    Thanks to Hannes Mehnert for the report and the fix.

  • Add Brr.El.parent (#10).
    Thanks to Sébastien Dailly for the suggestion and the patch.

  • Add Brr.El.{find_first_by_selector,fold_find_by_selector} to
    lookup elements by CSS selectors.

  • Jstr.{starts_with,ends_with}, change labels to follow Stdlib labelling.

  • Add optional base argument to Brr.Uri.{v,of_jstr}.

  • Add Brr.Uri.Params.is_empty.

  • Add Brr_io.Form.Data.{is_empty,has_file_entry,of_uri_params,to_uri_params}.

  • Tweak interfaces of Brr_canvas.Image_data.create,
    Brr_webaudio.Node.connect_node, Brr_webaudio.Node.connect_param to
    not trigger the 4.12 definition of the warning

  • Fix for uncaught JavaScript exceptions in the OCaml console (#21).
    The fix is brittle, the right fix is to solve (#2).

  • Fix Brr_canvas.Gl for browsers that do not support GL2 contexts.
    On these browsers this would lead to obscure failures in separate
    compilation mode.
    Thanks to Duncan Holm for the report (#9).

  • Fix wrong value of Request.Credentials.include.

  • Fix Blob.of_array_buffer (#23). Didn't work at all.
    Thanks to Armaël Guéneau for the report and the fix.

  • Fix Jstr.concat when sep is unspecified (#14).
    Thanks to Sébastien Dailly for the report.

  • Fix signature of Brr_webcrypto.Subtle_crypto.{export,import}_key.
    Thanks to Romain Calascibetta for the report and the fix.

v0.0.1 2020-10-14 Zagreb

First release.