The BAP Microexecution Framework
Module type
Class type
Library bap_primus
Module Bap_primus . Std . Primus . Value . Io
val read : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> string -> t

read ?ver ?fmt file reads datum from a file

val load : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> Core_kernel.In_channel.t -> t

load ?ver ?fmt channel loads datum from the input channel

val load_all : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> ?rev:bool -> Core_kernel.In_channel.t -> t list

read_all ?ver ?fmt ?rev channel reads a sequence of datums stored in the storage accessed via channel and returns it as a list. If rev is true (defaults to false) then a list will be reversed (slightly faster).

val scan : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> Core_kernel.In_channel.t -> unit -> t option

scan ?ver ?fmt channel creates a stream of data, that are loaded consequently from the channel

val write : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> string -> t -> unit

write ?ver ?fmt file datum writes the datum to the file

val save : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> Core_kernel.Out_channel.t -> t -> unit

save ?ver ?fmt channel datum saves the datum to the channel

val save_all : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> Core_kernel.Out_channel.t -> t list -> unit

save_all ?ver ?fmt data channel saves a list of data into a channel

val dump : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> Core_kernel.Out_channel.t -> ( unit -> t option ) -> unit

dump ?ver ?fmt chan stream dumps a stream (represented by a next function) into channel.

val show : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> t -> unit

show ?ver ?fmt datum saves datum to standard output channel, using a default_printer if fmt is not specified. Does nothing the printer is not set up.

val print : ?ver:string -> ?fmt:string -> Format.formatter -> t -> unit

print ?ver ?fmt ppf prints datum to a given formatter, using a default_printer if fmt is left unspecified.