The BAP Microexecution Framework
Module Bap_primus . Std . Primus . Env . Make



get var returns a value associated with the variable.

val set : Bap.Std.var -> value -> unit Machine.t

set var value binds a variable var to the given value.

val add : Bap.Std.var -> Generator.t -> unit Machine.t

add var generator adds a variable var to the environment. If a variable is read before it was defined with the set operation, then a value produces by the generator will be automatically associated with the variable and returned.

val del : Bap.Std.var -> unit Machine.t

del v deletes the variable v from the environment.

The variable v will no longer be bound.

val has : Bap.Std.var -> bool Machine.t

has v evaluates to true if v is bound.

  • since 2.1.0

all is a sequence of all variables defined in the environment. Note, the word _defined_ doesn't mean initialized.