OCaml 2015 — Programme

8:40–8:45 Welcome

8:45 - 10:00 Session 1: debugging and profiling

  • Towards A Debugger for Native-Code OCaml — Video
    Fabrice Le Fessant, Pierre Chambart
  • Operf: Benchmarking the OCaml Compiler — Video
    Pierre Chambart, Fabrice Le Fessant, Vincent Bernardoff
  • Core.Time_stamp_counter: A fast high resolution time source — Video
    Roshan James, Christopher Hardin

10:00–10:30 coffee

10:30–11:20 Session 2: Low-level concerns

  • Specialization of Generic Array Accesses After Inlining — Video
    Ryohei Tokuda, Eijiro Sumii, Akinori Abe
  • Inline Assembly in OCaml — Video
    Vladimir Brankov

11:20–11:40 break

11:40–12:30 Session 3: OCaml news

  • The State of OCaml (invited talk) — Video
    Xavier Leroy
  • The State of the OCaml Platform: September 2015 — Video
    Anil Madhavapeddy, Amir Chaudhry, Thomas Gazagnaire, Jeremy Yallop, David Sheets

12:30–14:00 lunch

14:00–14:50 Session 4: Front-end

  • Modular macros
    Jeremy Yallop, Leo White
  • Typeful PPX and Value Implicits — Video
    Jun Furuse

14:50–15:10 break

15:10–16:00 Session 5: semantics and language features

  • Global Semantic Analysis on OCaml programs — Video
    Thomas Blanc, Pierre Chambart, Michel Mauny, Fabrice Le Fessant
  • Effective Concurrency through Algebraic Effects — Video
    Stephen Dolan, Leo White, Kc Sivaramakrishnan, Jeremy Yallop, Anil Madhavapeddy

16:00–16:30 tea

16:30–18:10 Session 6: Community and uses of OCaml

  • A review of the growth of the OCaml community — Video
    Amir Chaudhry
  • Persistent Networking with Irmin and MirageOS — Video
    Mindy Preston, Magnus Skjegstad, Thomas Gazagnaire, Richard Mortier, Anil Madhavapeddy
  • Ketrew and Biokepi — Video
    Sebastien Mondet
  • Four years of OCaml in production
    Anders Fugmann, Jonas B. Jensen, Mads Hartmann Jensen