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Using alphaCaml with ocamlbuild

Here is a plugin to use alphaCaml (must be written in a file named myocamlbuild.ml at the root of your project):

open Ocamlbuild_plugin
open Command
let alphaCaml = A"alphaCaml"
let () =
  dispatch begin function
  | After_rules ->
     rule "alphaCaml: mla -> ml & mli"
          ~prods:["%.ml"; "%.mli"]
          begin fun env _build ->
            Cmd(S[alphaCaml; P(env "%.mla")])
  | _ -> ()

Then one can either use ocamlfind (see Using ocamlfind with ocamlbuild), or let <ocamlbuild> link everything itself.

The second method can be achieved this way.

# This link should be created by your ./configure script
# The pointed directory contains the compiled files (.cmo, .cmi).
$ ln -s /path/to/your/alphaCaml/directory/ alphaLib
$ cat _tags
"alphaLib": include, precious