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Projects using ocamlbuild

This page will host a list of projects using ocamlbuild.

You can send a mail to nicolas.pouillard@inria.fr, either with the url and short description of your project or you wished login for making an account.

  • Camlp4
  • OCaml itself (not enabled by default)
  • The Aurochs parser generator uses Ocamlbuild and includes custom rules for bootstrapping and its C library. Aurochs sources
  • The Jsure Javascript checker uses Aurochs to generate its parser using a rule in its ocamlbuild plugin. Jsure sources
  • CaFL, a compiler for Intel functional language, reFLect (not released publicly).
  • Lwt (lightweight threads) is a cooperative thread library for Objective Caml.
  • Batteries Included development platform uses ocamlbuild to build and install itself, with a nearly trivial Makefile frontend for GODI compatibility
  • Mlpost, an Objective Caml interface to Metapost.
  • LambdaJS, described in the paper The Essence of JavaScript
  • ocaml-lua, bindings to the Lua programming language.
  • Xmlm, Uuidm, React and Rtime
  • ocamlunix.forge.ocamlcore.org/ is an introductory course on Unix system programming in Objective Caml
  • OASIS Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications.
  • ocaml-data-notation to ddump OCaml data structure using OCaml data notation.
  • OCamlify allow to create OCaml source code by including whole file into OCaml string or string list.
  • ocaml-process-monitor, designed in the same spirit as UNIX "top" but only track and sum resource usage of a process and its children.
  • HeVeA, a quite complete and fast LaTeX to HTML translator.
  • diy, a testing tool for weak memory models, which generates PowerPC or x86 assembly tests from concise specifications.
  • All the projects by Jake Donham
  • Otags Reloaded: Emacs and vi Tag Generation for Ocaml
  • Melt, allowing you to program LaTeX documents using OCaml.
  • Fury Puyo, a free clone of the Puyo Puyo game.