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Compiling C with gcc

The following is a plugin that tries to handle simple C projects with gcc in the same way ocamlbuild handles your caml projects, i.e. you don't need to specify anything particular to build simple executables. Another approach is to use the ocamlbuild-ctools plugin which provides support for both gcc and the MSVC tool chain, but you'll have to explicitly list object files to link your executables.

The example uses avr-gcc to produce %.elf executables for microcontrollers, but it's just a matter of substituting avr-gcc with gcc to get the same result for regular C projects. For now the plugin doesn't handle multiple directories.

Object dependencies linked into a %.elf executable are automatically computed as follows.

  1. Each file %.{c,h} has a corresponding file %.{c,h}.depends that lists (locally) included files (this file is generated via avr-gcc -MM -MF -MG %.{c,h}.depends %.{c,h}). Note that unfortunately the result in %.{c,h}.depend is different if included files are already in the build dir or not (very helpful...), see the correct function in parse_deps (this "feature" may make it a hard to support multiple directories, but I didn't research that extensively). Another problem is that these make oriented .depends files have \ when lines becomes too long thus we need to filter out these.
  2. To build a %.o from %.c, every file mentioned in %.c.depends and recursively is built (in the function parse_deps the first two items of %.c.depends are ignored : they are %.o and %.c). To sum up, this step copies files included in %.c (and recursively) to the _build directory and produces the object file %.o.
  3. To build (link) a %.elf, we take %.o and for each $.h mentioned in %.c.depends (and recursively) we try to build a corresponding $.c, if it succeeds the corresponding $.o is built and added at the link phase.
open Ocamlbuild_plugin

let avr_gcc_rules avr_gcc avr_objcopy =
  let parallel files = List.map (fun f -> [f]) files in
  let err_circular file path = 
    Printf.sprintf "Circular build detected (%s already seen in [%s])"
      file (String.concat "; " path)
  let parse_deps file = 
    let dir = Pathname.dirname file in
    let deps = List.tl (List.tl (string_list_of_file file)) in
    let deps = List.filter (fun d -> d <> "\\") deps in (* remove \ *)
    let correct d = if Pathname.dirname d = dir then d else dir / d in
    List.map correct deps
  let deps_action dep prod env build = 
    let c = env dep in
    let tags = tags_of_pathname c in
    Cmd (S [A avr_gcc; T tags; 
        A "-MM"; A "-MG"; A "-MF"; Px (env prod); P c])

  rule "avr-gcc: c -> c.depends" 
    ~prod: "%.c.depends" (deps_action "%.c" "%.c.depends");

  rule "avr-gcc: h -> h.depends"
    ~prod:"%.h.depends" (deps_action "%.h" "%.h.depends");

  rule "avr-gcc: c & c.depends -> o"
    ~deps:["%.c"; "%.c.depends"]
    ~prod: "%.o"
    begin fun env build ->
      let c = env "%.c" in
      let rec build_transitive_deps = function
    | [] -> ()
    | (_, []) :: todo -> build_transitive_deps todo
    | (path, f :: rest) :: todo ->
        if List.mem f path then failwith (err_circular f path) else
        let deps = parse_deps (f ^ ".depends") in
        let dep_files = List.map (fun d -> d ^ ".depends") deps in
        List.iter Outcome.ignore_good (build (parallel deps));
        List.iter Outcome.ignore_good (build (parallel dep_files));
        build_transitive_deps (((f :: path), deps) :: (path, rest) :: todo)
      build_transitive_deps [([],[c])];
      Cmd (S [A avr_gcc;
          A "-Wall"; A "-Os"; A "-std=c99";
          T (tags_of_pathname c ++ "compile" ++ "avr-gcc");
          A "-c"; P c;
          A "-o"; Px (env "%.o");])

    rule "avr-gcc: o & c.depends -> .elf" 
      ~prod: "%.elf"
      begin fun env build -> 
        let o = env "%.o" in
        let rec build_transitive_objs acc = function 
      | [] -> StringSet.fold (fun v l -> v :: l) acc []
      | [] :: todo -> build_transitive_objs acc todo
      | (f :: rest) :: todo  -> 
          (* builds a .o for each .h which has a .c *)
          let deps =
            let is_hfile f = Pathname.check_extension f "h" in
            List.filter is_hfile (parse_deps (f ^ ".depends")) 
          let cfiles = 
            let remove_f = List.filter (fun f' -> f <> f') in
            let to_cfile f = Pathname.update_extension "c" f in
            let keep_good acc = function
          | Outcome.Good o -> o :: acc | Outcome.Bad _ -> acc 
            List.fold_left keep_good [] 
          (build (parallel (remove_f (List.map to_cfile deps)))) 
          let objs = 
            let to_ofile f = Pathname.update_extension "o" f in
            List.map Outcome.good 
          (build (parallel (List.map to_ofile cfiles)))
          let add_obj acc o = StringSet.add o acc in
            (List.fold_left add_obj acc objs) (cfiles :: deps :: rest :: todo)
        let objs = build_transitive_objs (StringSet.empty) [[env "%.c"]] in
        Cmd (S [A avr_gcc;
            T (tags_of_pathname o ++ "link" ++ "avr-gcc");
            A "-o"; Px (env "%.elf");
            Command.atomize_paths (o :: objs) ])

  rule "avr-objcopy: elf -> hex"
    begin fun env _ ->
      let elf = env "%.elf" in
      Cmd (S [A avr_objcopy;
          A "-j"; A ".text";
          A "-j"; A ".data";
          A "-O"; A "ihex";
          T (tags_of_pathname elf ++ "compile" ++ "avr-objcopy");
          P elf;
          Px (env "%.hex")])

let () =
  dispatch begin function
  | Before_rules ->                            (* override ocaml's C rules. *)
      avr_gcc_rules "avr-gcc" "avr-objcopy";
      flag ["compile"; "avr-gcc"; "mcu_atmega168"] (A "-mmcu=atmega168");
      flag ["link"; "avr-gcc"; "mcu_atmega168"] (A "-mmcu=atmega168");
      flag ["compile"; "avr-gcc"; "mcu_freq_16Mhz"] (A "-DF_CPU=16000000");
  | _ -> ()