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Senior Software Engineer at Soda Software Labs (Full-time) — Functional Jobs, Oct 30, 2014

Role: Senior Software Engineer Primary Location: Manchester, UK Employee Status: Permanent (Full Time) Salary: Competitive, with share options possible

Company Overview

Soda Software Labs are searching for a world class software engineer to help with the design and development of their flagship FinTech product PROFILE. At the heart of the product is a behavioural analysis platform which mines social data and performs analysis to provide insight for a number of industry verticals. The role offe…


Calendar v2.04 — OCamlCore Forge News, Oct 30, 2014

A new version of calendar, aka calendar v2.04, is available.

The ocamlunix project moved to a new home — OCamlCore Forge News, Oct 28, 2014

The book can now be found at this address: http://ocaml.github.io/ocamlunix/ The project is managed here: https://github.com/ocaml/ocamlunix The old book page redirects to the new page but it's time to update your bookmarks. Thanks to Sylvain and the OCaml forge maintainers for their work, support and for hosting us during all the past years.

Weekly News — Caml Weekly News, Oct 28, 2014

  1. String.create
  2. Upcoming OCaml Users in PariS meetups: 10/29 and 12/09
  3. OASIS v0.4.5
  4. exn-source - exception backtraces with source code printing
  5. ppx_deriving 1.0, ppx_deriving_yojson 2.0, ppx_deriving_protobuf 2.0
  6. The OCaml Forge has been compromised, please check your files
  7. OPAM 1.2.0
  8. gasoline 0.1 — Applicative framework for OCaml
  9. Beta release of ppx_string_interpolate, and help needed with ocamlfind/opam
  10. Vagaries of Printf variants
  11. Other OCaml News

Visualising an asynchronous monad — Thomas Leonard, Oct 27, 2014

Many asynchronous programs make use of promises (also known as using light-weight threads or an asynchronous monad) to manage concurrency. I’ve been working on tools to collect trace data from such programs and visualise the results, to help with profiling and debugging.

The diagram below shows a trace from a Mirage unikernel reading data from disk in a loop. You should be able to pan around by dragging in the diagram, and zoom by using your mouse’s scroll wheel. If you’re on a mobile dev…


Coq 8.4pl5 is out — Coq, Oct 25, 2014

Version 8.4pl5 of Coq fixes several bugs of version 8.4pl4 including the compatibility with OCaml 4.02. More information to be found in the CHANGES file.

Interviewing At Jane Street — Jane Street, Oct 24, 2014

Welcome to our version of the seemingly obligatory post about technical interviews. This topic has been covered by a lot of people already, so I'm going to do my best to not repeat all of the copious advice already out there.

Like many companies, we are looking for extremely talented technical people, and we have a challenging interview process that we think does a good job of selecting people who will do well here.

That said, we know that we miss lots of good people too. Some of that is because…


OPAM 1.2.0 Released — OCaml Platform, Oct 23, 2014

We are very proud to announce the availability of OPAM 1.2.0.

Upgrade from 1.1

Simply follow the usual instructions, using your preferred method (package from your distribution, binary, source, etc.) as documented on the homepage.

NOTE: There are small changes to the internal repository format (~/.opam). It will be transparently updated on first run, but in case you might want to go back and have anything precious there, you're advised to back it up.


Lot of work has been put into prov…


Release of OASIS 0.4.5 — Sylvain Le Gall, Oct 22, 2014

On behalf of Jacques-Pascal Deplaix

I am happy to announce the release of OASIS v0.4.5.

Logo OASIS small

OASIS is a tool to help OCaml developers to integrate configure, build and install systems in their projects. It should help to create standard entry points in the source code build system, allowing external tools to analyse projects easily.

This tool is freely inspired by Cabal which is the same kind of tool for Haskell.

You can find the new release here and the changelog here. More information ab…


Weekly News — Caml Weekly News, Oct 21, 2014

  1. OCaml 4.02.1
  2. uproplib
  3. findlib-1.5.4
  4. Beginner OCaml Books
  5. Jane Street is hiring interns
  6. Dimensional Analysis question
  7. opam-android, a modern Android cross-toolchain
  8. exn-source - exception backtraces with source code printing
  9. utop 1.16
  10. slacko 0.10.0
  11. First class modules sub-typing
  12. Release 0.8.0 of Zenon
  13. Other OCaml News