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Lambdoc 1.0-beta1 released — OCamlCore Forge News, Sep 18, 2014

Lambdoc is a library providing support for semantically rich documents in web applications, built with Ocsigen/Eliom integration in mind. It includes parsers for four different markup languages: Lambtex, Lambwiki, Lambxml, and Markdown (via OMD). The library also offers the possibility of outputing any Lambdoc document as an Ocsigen HTML5 value.

Announcing Lambdoc 1.0-beta1 — Dario Teixeira, Sep 18, 2014

I'm happy to announce release 1.0-beta1 of Lambdoc, a library providing support for semantically rich documents in web applications. Lambdoc was designed with Ocsigen/Eliom integration in mind, though you may of course use it with other frameworks (it does not actually depend on the Ocsigen server or Eliom).

A brief overview of Lambdoc's features


Weekly News — Caml Weekly News, Sep 16, 2014

  1. research engineer / post-doc opening
  2. One build system to rule them all?
  3. parution d'un nouveau livre sur OCaml
  4. findlib-1.5.3

Weekly News — Caml Weekly News, Sep  9, 2014

  1. capnp-ocaml 2.0.1
  2. Ocaml 4.02.0: Dead Code Elimination and Core
  3. ppx_deriving 0.3
  4. ppx_deriving_yojson 1.0
  5. Other OCaml News

Concatenation of a list of strings — Shayne Fletcher, Sep  8, 2014

Concatenation of a list of strings

Here's another fun (but probably silly) exercise. Its value I posit, is in highlighting the fundamental similarities that exist between the C++ and OCaml languages (that emerge when one "peeks" beyond the apparent dissimilarities on the surface). Maybe this sort of comparison aids in "lowering the barrier to entry" for the C++ programmer embarking on a journey into OCaml? Anyway, here we go.

The OCaml String module contains a function concat which concatenates a…


OCaml 4.02.0 available — WODI, Sep  3, 2014

WODI, the OCaml distribution for Windows, now officially supports OCaml 4.02.0. Updated installers and archives can be found in the download section.

Not all packages are yet officially ported to OCaml 4.02.0. In some cases, they were patched, so that depending libraries and program could be built; the rest will hopefully be available soon.

The changes to WODI apart from the upgrade to OCaml 4.02.0 were already discussed in the previous posts that announces OCaml 4.02.0rc1 and 4.02.0beta:

  • e…


Terms With Variables (C++) — Shayne Fletcher, Sep  2, 2014

Terms with Variables (C++)

In this earlier post I showed a nifty OCaml type for modeling terms with variables for problems involving substitutions. I got interested in what it would take to implement the type in C++(03) (doing 'sum' types in C++ elegantly is a perennial problem). It ain't nowhere near as succinct but we got there nonetheless.

#include <list>

#include <boost/variant.hpp>

type ('a, 'b) term =
| Term of 'a * ('a, 'b) term list
| Var of 'b

template <class A, …

Talks from OCaml Labs during ICFP 2014 — Anil Madhavapeddy, Aug 30, 2014

It’s the ever-exciting week of the International Conference on Functional Programming again in Sweden, and this time OCaml Labs has a variety of talks, tutorials and keynotes to deliver throughout the week. This post summarises all them so you can navigate your way to the right session. Remember that once you register for a particular day at ICFP, you can move between workshops and tutorials as you please.

Quick links to the below in date order:


virt-v2v: better living through new technology — Richard Jones, Aug 29, 2014

If you ever used the old version of virt-v2v, our software that converts guests to run on KVM, then you probably found it slow, but worse still it was slow and could fail at the end of the conversion (after possibly an hour or more). No one liked that, least of all the developers and support people who had to help people use it.

A V2V conversion is intrinsically going to take a long time, because it always involves copying huge disk images around. These can be gigabytes or even terabytes in si…


OCaml 4.02.0 released — Caml INRIA, Aug 29, 2014