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A HoTT PhD position in Ljubljana — Andrej Bauer, Nov 22, 2014

I am looking for a PhD student in mathematics. Full tuition & stipend will be provided for a period of three years, which is also the official length of the programme. The topic of research is somewhat flexible and varies from constructive models of homotopy type theory to development of a programming language for a proof assistant based on dependent type theory, see the short summary of the Effmath project for a more detailed description.

The candidate should have as many of the following d…


Menhir — Yan Shvartzshnaider, Nov 20, 2014

This blog post about  -  Menhir.

According to Wikipedia:

A menhir (French, from Middle Breton: men, "stone" and hir, "long"[1]), standing stone, orthostat, or lith is a large upright standing stone.
Coincidently, Menhir, is also the name for LR(1) parser generator for OCaml.
I followed the recommendation in the Real World OCaml to use it, rather than ocamlyacc:
"Menhir is an alternative parser generator that is generally superior to the venerable ocamlyacc, which dates back quite a few…

Cmdliner 0.9.6 — Daniel Bünzli, Nov 18, 2014

Release of Cmdliner 0.9.6, consult the release notes for details.

Weekly News — Caml Weekly News, Nov 18, 2014

  1. containers 0.5
  2. OCaml opportunities in London
  3. opam-query 1.0
  4. Go Oracle like facility for Ocaml?
  5. Other OCaml News

How to choose a teaching language — Jane Street, Nov 18, 2014

If you were teaching a programming course, what language would you teach it in?

I like this question because it has any number of good answers, each quite different from the other, and each emblematic of a different approach to what programming is about.

The first formal programming class I took was COS 217 at Princeton, taught by the excellent (and at the time, I thought, terrifying) Anne Rogers. The course was (and is) taught in C, and the intellectual approach of the class was to start from t…


ocamldebug — Mads Hartman, Nov 15, 2014

When I first read about the time-travel feature of the ocaml debugger I was very intrigued but never got around to trying it out in practice at work. This weekend I decided to give it a go.

I wanted to try it out on a simple but non-trivial program (in terms of setup, i.e. a program that requires opam packages to compile) so I used the hello world example of the ocaml-cohttp library.

1 Configuration

Before the ocamldebugger can work with your programs they need to be compiled with the -…


Dimensional Analysis in OCaml — Shayne Fletcher, Nov 13, 2014

Dimensional analysis in OCaml

In 1994, Barton and Nackman in their book 'Scientific Engineering in C++' [1] demonstrated how one could encode the rules of dimensional analysis into the C++ type system enabling compile-time checking (no run-time cost) of the plausibility (at least up to the dimensional correctness) of computations.

In 2004, Abrahams & Gurtovy in 'C++ Template Metaprogramming' [2] showed the Barton Nackman technique to be elegantly implementable using compile time type sequence…


OCaml Briefly — Mads Hartman, Nov 13, 2014

this document gives you a brief tour of OCaml. It covers a rather small selection of features; the selection has been based on what features I personally think represent OCaml the best.

This document does very little to explain use-cases for the selected features but rather focuses on syntax. For a more in-depth coverage of all of these features I recommend reading the OCaml Document and User's Manual and Real World OCaml.

For each feature there is a small explanation of the syntax, some …


Ocaml teaching resources — Yan Shvartzshnaider, Nov 13, 2014

[Update: The Ocaml teaching resource page is now live]

I am helping the folks behind OCaml.org with setting up a page that will useful resources for educators that want to teach OCaml to masses.

We are looking to include helpful guides on how to setup a development environment, provide links to useful VMs as well as list some tips for complete beginners. There is a lot of material on the web, however it is scattered all over the places and sometimes hard to find. We will try to find the best of t…

Weekly News — Caml Weekly News, Nov 11, 2014

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  2. OCaml opportunities in London
  3. Parsetree comparison
  4. New list for educators: teaching@lists.ocaml.org
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