Mailing Lists and Forums

Mailing lists and other forums used to discuss OCaml in general are listed below. There are thousands of other forums related to individual projects. Several mailing lists are hosted on the domain. Projects on GitHub actively use GitHub's Issue system for discussions.

Mailing Lists

Official OCaml List

caml-list AT
The OCaml mailing list is intended for all users of the OCaml implementations developed at Inria. The purpose of this list is to share experience, exchange ideas and code, and report on applications of the OCaml language. This list is not moderated, but posting is restricted to the subscribers of the list. Messages are generally in English but sometimes also in French. In 2010, the list has about 1500 subscribers, who exchange about 300 messages per month.

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The OCaml Weekly News also provides a curated summary of caml-list discussions.

OCaml Beginners

ocaml_beginners AT
This list is a place for the mutual aid of those who recognize that they're not OCaml gurus yet... everything you wanted to ask about OCaml, but were afraid to submit in the more official caml-list AT, can be asked, answered and discussed here. In early 2004, the list has about 300 subscribers, who exchange about 100 messages per month.

List's page at Yahoo!

OCaml Jobs and Internships

ocaml-jobs AT
This list is for exchanges between people looking for a job or an internship requiring skills in OCaml and people, corporations, universities, ..., offering such jobs or internships.


OCaml Announcements

caml-announce AT
This is a low-traffic, moderated list for announcements of OCaml releases and new OCaml-related software, libraries, documents, etc.


Discussion Groups

IRC Channel - English #ocaml
This is a real-time communication channel, where you can ask for help. There are about a hundred users hanging around; don't ask if you can ask, just ask, and be patient: not everyone is in the same timezone. The IRC Channel can be accessed through a web interface or any regular IRC client.

Public channel logs are available at

If you wish to use a web-based IRC client, you can use Freenode's webchat For a fancier/nicer interface, you may try -- it requires registration but is otherwise free.

IRC Channel - French #ocaml-fr
As above, but for French speakers.

About ML
This is a moderated Usenet newsgroup about all variants of ML. Discussions generally concern Standard ML implementations (such as SML-NJ), but some threads concern the OCaml branch.

Archives at Google Groups | FAQ

About Functional Languages

This is an unmoderated usenet newsgroup for the discussion of all aspects of functional programming languages, including their design, application, theoretical foundation, and implementation. Discussions concern all families of functional programming languages including non-strict ones (e.g. Haskell) and strict ones (e.g. Scheme, SML or OCaml).

Archives at Google Groups | FAQ


Mantis Bug Tracker

Inria manages the official distribution of OCaml and uses Mantis to track bugs and feature requests.