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OCaml has a diverse, worldwide community and one of the main benefits is the ability to easily reach each other. Mailing lists are the most common way people interact although you will always find users on IRC, around the web and at any of the meetings.

Mailing Lists
Main OCaml List
Intended for all users of OCaml. The purpose of this list is to share experience, exchange ideas and code, and discuss applications of the language.
Low volume announcements
This is a low-traffic, moderated list for announcements of OCaml releases and new OCaml-related software, libraries, documents, etc.
Beginners' List
Everything you wanted to ask about OCaml, but were afraid to submit in the main list can be asked, answered and discussed here.
Community lists and working groups
User-interest lists and working groups convened with specific goals.

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Besides the above mailing lists, you can ask questions on the OCaml IRC channels (enfr).

Or see the Professional support providers.

If you would like to give support to OCaml, you can join the Consortium or support the work of OCaml Labs. Find out more.



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